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Pedigreed Holland Lops from our family to yours

Hoppity Loppity Rabbitry, based in Parkland, Fl, is a bunny breeder of purebreed pedigreed Holland Lop Dwarfs for show quality whether that is your purpose or just a wonderful pet.  We run a closed home rabbitry for the safety of the animals and our family. We do not rescue rabbits. Our rabbits are socialized from an early start as well as litter train started. Our line has influence from several lines from the best breeders in USA. We are always trying to improve and outcross as well as line breed in an effort to produce Grand Champions. We are ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) and  HLSC (Holland Lop Specialty Club) registered breeder. 

Image by thapanee srisawat

A Bit of Background

How We Got Started

We fell in love with these wonderful animals and started caring for them and breeding with the help of the children..  Originally we did not plan to operate as a professional Rabbit Breeder,  we just wanted wonderful pets for ourselves. However, we became hooked and soon we added a second and then a third one and then on an on to our family.  A little fact is that rabbits have a wonderful personality closer to that of a dog/ they bond with their owners and even follow you around the house. They do well litter trained and relate well to other animals such as dogs and cats in general. No wonder  rabbits are the 3rd most popular pet in USA.  We share our home with 3 kids, 4 dogs and  our Holland Lops.

After acquiring a lot of information about the breeding process, we decided to do our part in preserving it, which led to the birth of our Hoppity Loppity Rabbitry  here in Parkland, Fl . We obtained our stock from some of the top Holland Lop Breeders in the country to make sure we had clean blood lines and produce gorgeous show quality babies. Since then, we’ve known so much love,  joy and excitement! Contact us to find out more.




Upcoming Litter

Holland Lop families are growing. 

We have several litters born and expecting  2 more litters this month. Winter will be very busy ! Happy wishes for these seasoned mammas and a first timer! 

Home: Available Kits

 Kits We Produce !

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The Gents of the house

Home: Bucks


Tauntaun is a Solid Sr Sable Point buck . He is a Grand Champion all the way from Creekside Rabbitry, MI. He has 6 GC legs so far, beautiful color and the biggest head on any buck I have ever seen, cheeks for days . He is also the nicest guy ever and loves head rubs . We can’t wait to welcome his offspring and cannot thank enough the Dull family for trusting us with this stunning buck. We just love him !!!

Home: Does


Boots is Mr.  personality. He  is super playful and active. He is our Broken Frosty buck. He loves head rubs and running around. Beautiful big head, kids favorite.



Aspen is a Broken Sable Point Grand Champion Buck . This young buck is full of spunk and won a BOB at his last show 06/23 . He is a home grown from Happy Hill’s line Anabelle who retired . He is a fun buck.



The Ladies of the house



Our beautiful Broken Black Tort . She already has hit the show tables as a Junior and won a BOSV in Open and couple 1 st classes . She is nice and wide with a fluffy crown. Super sweet cheeky girl. She is a home grown from Murphy’s lines.



Smokey  is our seasoned mamma . She is a smutty sable point doe and the sweetest animal in the whole place. She always has nice litters and puts that temperament on her kits  . She had several 1 st in class placements as a Jr before she went into production. Her babies place well also so we love this chesty girl. She is a homegrown from Happy Hill’s Anabelle who retired this year.



S’mores is a very promising Solid Sable Point registered doe.  She has already won 5 Champion legs  and awaiting her Grand Champion certificate. She has Smokey’s (her mamma) good lucks and sweet disposition. Can’t wait to see what she produces. She has cleaner pretty color and judges always compliment her coat texture and condition. Big hopes for her

oreo side with border.jpg


Oreo is our Grand Champion with 9 wins from which 2 were Best In Show (BIS). Oreo was originally breed by Larson's Rabbitry in MN. She was also 2021 USA's Top Lop #9 which is a great honor as it represents the best 10 Holland Lops in the Country. We are very proud of her and she has already produced 3 grand champions for us!

oreo front with border.jpg


Star is a Solid Black Tort that comes all the way from Joe’s in Michigan. This gal has a rocking body, tons of mass and bone to put in her kits . She won a BOB before going into production . We are excited for her offsprings with us and thank Joe Borawsky for trusting us with this beautiful gal . 


Hash Brown

Hash Brown is a Solid Black Tort that now has matured into a beautifiul Sr. She is already a registered Grand Champion with 4 champion legs all in OPEN. She is  under the age of 1 year old  and raising her first litter perfectly.   We can’t wait to see her offspring glow up.  She is out of Oreo, our beautiful best Grand Champion.


Waiting List

We aim to please so please contact us in case we do not have the  right bunny you are looking for . Our Does breed several times a year so we will keep you in mind for the upcoming litter

Waiting List

Contact Us

Parkland, FL, USA

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New Bunny Parent

Health & Care Info

Important info for people who never has had rabbits

Rabbit Health Tips

Health Tips

  • Do not bathe the rabbit. They are very clean creatures and bathing them can ham them as they will panic in water may fracture a limb or back. Wet fur can also lead to hypothermia and respiratory Dz. Hot water or hair dryer can scald their skin. If something is very soiled, you can spot clean them with a rag and warm water and maybe dry the fur with blow drier on cold setting but be careful as the noise will spook them.

  • Learn to handle your rabbit although they do love to be pet, they do not like to be picked up as much. When picking them up support their back legs with arm and hold close to your body. They have powerful back legs but weak spines. 

  • Keep a tidy hutch and remove poop when needed.

  • Rabbits do eat a portion of their feces called a caecotroph. This is vital for their intestinal health ad digestion as it contains their probiotic bacteria. You will probably never witness this but if they have a dirty mushy bottom this may indicate a sign of serious disease and veterinary care should be seeked out.

  • Their nails need to be trimmed often so have your veterinary teach you and if you do not dare then take them to vet for them to do it safely.

  • They need to be brushed weekly. This will help with their own maintenance and periodic shedding. 

  • If kept outside, they need parasite and flea prevention so make sure you take them regularly to a veterinarian for check ups and this prevention.  

  • When in doubt, always consult with your rabbits veterinarian so make sure you locate one that has experience with rabbits. 

Diet Advice

  • The majority of their nutrients should come primarily  from Timothy Hay and Orchard Grass.​

  • Rabbits do not need pellets and if fed it should only be a small amount of their diet. 

  • Do not give vegetables and fruits to less than 6 M rabbits, if done only a small amount as a rare treat. Rabbits digestive system is very sensitive.

  • Make sure hay is not dusty.

  • Alfalfa hay can be given in moderation to Jr. rabbits and nursing mothers.

  • They love leafy greens such as but not limited to lettuce (Romaine, butterhead, bib, red and green lettuce.  arugula, cilantro, parsley, arugula, spinash, endive, turnip greens, chicory, dandelion greens, raspberry leaves, basil, mint, radicchio, watercress, kale, bok choy, dill, mustard greens, swiss chard, wheat grass, escarole.

  • Safe vegetables include but not limited to bell peppers. cucumbers, parsnip, zucchini,kohlrabi, celery,broccolini, carrots with leaves, broccoli with leaves and stem, brussel spouts and cabbage. 

  • Fruits should only be given also as a treat once or twice a week as very high in carbohydrates. safe fruits are apple ( NO SEEDS) , banana, most berries, cherries (NO SEEDS), grapes, melon, nectarine, orange, papaya, peach, pear, pineapple, plum and watermelon

  • Abundant and endless supply of fresh water always.

Health & Care
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